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Carmyn & Peter

Carmyn and Peter are the root system for this family foundation. Together, they are not only leaders in the community, they are also leaders in their everyday life. 


Family and legacy are the two true passions that fuel their innovative efforts. They know that in order to be able to help others, they must be the best people they can be, in all areas of life. As role models for their children and peers, they ensure their overall well-being is a top priority. This means embracing nature, prioritizing health, wellness and fitness and taking time for self-care, including their mental health. 

Through the Upside Down Tree, Carmyn, Peter and their family have collectively focused their passions into six areas of support, creating the “Tree of Support” which focuses on causes and areas in need that are important to their family. 

Founder & Board Member

tree branch


Dana started working as an Executive Assistant for Paradigm Insurance in April 2017.  She soon began to help out with the Upside Down Tree's financials as well as helping out with events



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Oliver & Sara

Oliver began regularly volunteering with The Upside Down Tree in May of 2017.  By December, 2017,.  Oliver adopted myriad responsibilities associated with UDT events: from graphic and web design to setting-up venues and checking in guests.  Sara has volunteered at every UDT event from 2017 onward.  Sara was inspired by the passion Carmyn displayed for various causes and she remains committed to dedicating as much time as she can to further UDT’s mission. 

The Young Philanthropists

The Young Philanthropists

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