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In early 2004, a philanthropic journey to Guatemala ignited a passion in Carmyn Aleshka, founder of the Upside Down Tree, that still burns to this day.  As soon as Carmyn successfully launched her first company she began the plans to begin a non-profit initiative. 

Inspired by the Baobab tree of Madagascar, Carmyn founded The Upside Down Tree. The Baobab tree looks as though it was planted upside-down, for when the branches are bare, the tree appears to display its roots on top. Carmyn saw a parallel between this and what she wanted to do in the world of philanthropy. Carmyn wanted to lift the roots of developing charities to the sky in order for them to benefit from the strength of the sun.

The Upside Down Tree (UDT) is a private family foundation that looks to champion groups that are passionate, hard-working and have a clear vision.  We provide funding, mentorship, connections, and business expertise to help charities get off the ground.

The same way that one customer can change the entire trajectory of a business, one donation can take a small, struggling charitable organization, to a powerful force for change in its community. The Upside Down Tree has raised over $1.4 Million for Canadian charities helping change countless lives both within the Winnipeg community and worldwide.

Carmyn Aleshka in Guatemala, 2004
UDT Team at Future Leaders of MB, 2018


To partner with start-up and small charities as well as charities with an inspiring vision, in order to expand their root support systems, grow their financial resources and boost their social impact.


We believe that everyone has the power to change the world, but no one can do it alone.


The Upside Down Tree was founded in 2014 and has raised  $1,445,000 for our partners.

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