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KIDTHINK offers:


Clinical treatment 


KIDTHINK takes an evidence-based approach to offer assessment as well as treatment programs and services that are proven to be most effective. The initial focus is on anxiety, depression, behavioural issues, ADHD, and learning difficulties/disabilities.
KIDTHINK’s approach is strength-based, trauma-informed and can include unique, intensive therapy options, when applicable, for those willing and able to dedicate time for an intensive program.



KIDTHINK provides outreach services within the child’s community with a primary focus on training parents, teachers, coaches and pediatricians to better identify and interact with children 12 years old and under with mental illnesses. This multidisciplinary-team approach will empower the community with the knowledge to better address each child’s individual needs.



KIDTHINK recognizes that all areas of child and youth mental health must be built on the best available research. Our team collaborates with researchers in the areas of early intervention and prevention of the onset of mental illness. KIDTHINK uses knowledge gathered from research to facilitate the development of materials, programs, and activities for children, families and the community.


What your donation will help accomplish: 

  • Decreased overall wait-times to receive mental health assessments and treatments

  • Efficient stewardship of public resources due to a more comprehensive prevention and intervention program for children

  • Activation of a new, evidenced-based approach to mental health in the school system

  • Strengthened ability of parents, families and caregivers to support children with mental health challenges

  • Increased number of parents receiving necessary support and treatment

  • Enhanced propensity for early-intervention within the health system to mitigate complex-needs problems and at-risk behaviours

  • Implementation of a transparent outcome monitoring system for mental health services

  • Reduced stigma

  • Thriving children and healthy families



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