KIDTHINK will offer:


Clinical treatment of mental illness with a focus on children ages 12 years and under using evidence-based treatments that are proven to be most effective;


Outreach within the community with a primary focus on training teachers and pediatricians to better identify and support children with mental illness;

Research into new treatments, new diagnostic indicators, brain development, and technology to help treat children as effectively and efficiently as possible;

Building a state-of-the-art and environmentally conscious treatment facility on the corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street in the heart of Winnipeg.


What your donation will help accomplish: 

  • Decreased overall wait-times to receive mental health assessments and treatments

  • Efficient stewardship of public resources due to a more comprehensive prevention and intervention program for children

  • Activation of a new, evidenced-based approach to mental health in the school system

  • Strengthened ability of parents, families and caregivers to support children with mental health challenges

  • Increased number of parents receiving necessary support and treatment

  • Enhanced propensity for early-intervention within the health system to mitigate complex-needs problems and at-risk behaviours

  • Implementation of a transparent outcome monitoring system for mental health services

  • Reduced stigma

  • Thriving children and healthy families



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